Ready to make a difference? Run for the School Board!

What school board members do?

How many hours does it take per month?

How do you get your name on the ballot?

What We Offer

With our own proprietary voter database, we offer our candidates a nonpartisan program that will let you run your own race, without connection to any political party.

Learn the Basics

What is the commitment required?
What do members actually do?
What are their legal obligations?

Master The Requirements

How do you get your name on the ballot?
Do you have to open a bank account?
What are the filing deadlines?

How to Run a Campaign

With school board races mostly moved from April to the November general election, you've got a whole big pool of voters to reach. And you'll need a voter list and an effective, cost-effective method to do it.

Things You Will Learn

Social Media

How to set up a free public candidate Facebook page and best practices for communicating with the public using social media as a candidate and public official.


This is big! How to fundraise for your school board campaign, what are the donation limits, and where to report and many more. We lead donors directly to your donation link!


Accepted candidates get to use our branded full professional design services from yard signs to postcards for free. You'll need to reach your voters!


What's it's like to run in the general election? It's a BEAST of a ballgame! Every candidate will learn the critical elements needed to run an effective race.

Do you qualify for BoardBOOST?

We only accept candidates who align with our values:

  • You support public education.
  • You support teachers.
  • You support the Freedom to Read.
  • You support our LGBTQ+ students.


Ready to check our program and see if you’re eligible?